Is it possible to serve multiple documents with the Entry of Appearance?
No, the initial entry of appearance must be a separate transaction.
Is it necessary to serve a separate entry of appearance for each party when the appearances are in the same case?
No, simply Save & Serve the Entry of Appearance on behalf of the first party. Thereafter, you will need to only enter the pertinent information and click Save to connect the information to the remaining clients.
What if an attorney who is entered on the case leaves the firm and his name needs to be removed from the entry?
Click on Edit and click Remove next to the attorney's name you wish to delete.
Is it necessary to use MyDocServe to serve all documents?
The only documents not required to be served through this site are correspondence and document production.
What is the file size limitation per document?
The size limitation is 30MB per transaction.
Can multiple documents be served under one transaction?
Yes, up to five documents can be served (excluding the entry of appearance).
Is it possible to send a document privately to select parties?
This feature is not currently available but is on our list of Upcoming Features.
What can be done if a document is inadvertently served and needs to be corrected?
Please contact our support line at 855-421-0099 and a Pohlman Document Services associate will have the incorrect document removed from the Case Activity screen. The user can then serve the correct document and use the Description box to make all parties aware of the correction. If a document has been uploaded to the incorrect case, please contact us and we can transfer the document to the correct case, thereby notifying the correct parties.
Is it necessary to enter a client/matter number when uploading a document?
No, the client name or any text or numbers that will help identify the charges can be added if desired.
What if my attorney doesnt want to receive any notifications?
Your attorney can customize his/her account and choose the “Opt Out” box.
This screen will also allow him/her to add up to three people to receive notifications on his behalf.
If I am listed on several attorneys’ accounts as an additional email address, will I receive multiple notifications?
No, the system will recognize that you are listed on more than one account and only one notification per document served will be received.
Is it possible to receive notifications on a case in which we have not yet entered our appearance?
Yes. Log in to your account; click the case you wish to monitor; and click the box in the upper right-hand corner titled “Monitor All Case Activity.” This is necessary for each case in which notifications are desired.
Is it possible to receive notices on ALL case activity in St. Clair County?
Yes. Simply go into My Account and select the "Receive Site-Wide Activity Emails" option (either Daily or Weekly) from the blue box on the right side of your screen. This function will allow you to receive a summary (either daily or weekly) of all case activity which is organized by case number and then date. If you are currently receiving Real Time emails for cases and only want to receive the summary report, you will need to either "Opt Out" if you are an attorney, or remove your email address from the additional email field which is connected to an attorney.
What are the charges associated with using MyDocServe?
Please email to obtain a price list.
What if my client's name is not listed as a party to the case on MyDocServe?
Most likely an amended complaint has been served and we were not made aware of the new parties added to the amended complaint; therefore, please email with a copy of the amended complaint and we will make the necessary changes.